M. Sulton Seth Zulkarnaen

Mochammad Sulton Seth Zulkarnaen was born on May 18th 2009 in Bandung, Indonesia. He has had a passion for 3D art for pretty much a decade now. He started making 3D art using the software “Mine-Imator” (very cool software, you should check it out) and “Cinema 4D”. He stopped using Cinema 4D like a week after using it because it was too complicated for him at the time. He also has a slight interest in programming. In around 2019, He joined Enspire School of Digital Art (ESDA), Kodekiddo to learn about coding and in early 2022 he joined back with SEMATA ART PROJECT to learn about process for art work.
“Video saya menggambarkan sebuah rumah terpencil yang memberikan kenyamanan dan perdamaian.”