Artcare is a social movement initiated by Soboman 219, from Yogyakarta. This community is a place for caring for others through a social program called Artcare. As a community that has a role in social activities, Artcare first started when the earthquake hit Yogyakarta in 2006. Currently the world is being hit by a pandemic, and Artcare is back with the spirit of humanity and helping others. In Artcare, artists participate by presenting collaborative packages containing small two-dimensional works to be sold as work packages. The proceeds from the sale of the work packages will be donated to parties in need at this time, both artists and the wider community.

Since 2020, Artcare has been managed by the Hita Pranajiwa Mandaya Foundation and is being held together with ARTJOG. The funds collected from donations in 2020 have been partially distributed through various art communities in Yogyakarta. This year, Artcare seeks to improve its quality in order to make a wider contribution to the art ecosystem.



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